Aitor Ocio, seals an alliance with interior designer Tomás Alia to offer clients comprehensive services that encompass design and decoration, providing all the benefits available by the new habitat technologies in emblematic locations recovered for coexistence. Aitor Ocio comments: In Abu Group we establish a very close bond with our clients, highlighting a bespoke approach so that each person can design their house, their home. For this, in addition to having a human team committed to quality in its broadest meaning, we innovate by using new virtual technologies so that all our clients can, through 3D virtual glasses, “see” their house in advance with the aim of designing their home according to their tastes and requirements. Customers who so wish can also enjoy the services of well-known interior designer Tomás Alia to provide comprehensive interior design services; space distribution, lighting, application of new domestic technologies, style and decorative aesthetics. In Abu Group we are committed to bespoke exclusivity as the main philosophy of our brand and company, there are no two people alike therefore there are no two identical houses.

Filella Building

Today people want to design their own home and so demand author’s products. We want to go beyond the mere function of decorating spaces, we seek to provide at a spatial level bespoke living environments that are like a second skin, where light, materials, nuances, the smallest details, comprise a range of services that define interior design. We want to walk together with each client to create contemporary habitats that bear a personal stamp and that are unique and exclusive, creating a tailored suit so that people are owners of their own space, they are the authors of their house, of their signature home. Tomás Alia points out. Abu Group also celebrates its first anniversary at its new headquarters in Seville; the emblematic Filella building, a beautiful neo-Mudejar style building built between 1914 and 1922 by José Espiau and Muñoz, and highlights its business philosophy by selecting projects that provide added social value, respecting the environment and the location of each project, recovering unique spaces to create signature spaces and homes.

Aitor Ocio and Tomas Alia Abu Group