Cities of contrasts and excitement are the inspiration for Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2017/18 Urban Fantasy Collection. While Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2017’s lines looked to Paris geometric architecture and Los Angeles laid-back glamour, Creative Director Nathalie Colin draws on the possibilities of Urban Fantasy taking the multifaceted woman on a journey through dazzling cities. Here, modernity meets femininity, fun becomes festive, and the daring is simply irresistible. “From morning till night, 24/7, the city breathes and vibrates, and brings to life a creative energy that I translated into jewelry designs. This collection represents my creative vision for the brand, respecting and nurturing the exceptional Swarovski heritage, making in on trend for a modern woman and taking the unique crystal techniques into the future. Swarovski is all about modern glamour – with an extraordinary twist” explains Colin.

For fall, contemporary architecture weaves into organic lines and wavy movements that offer an everyday cool sensuality accented by soft neutral shades. Building on this harmonious spirit, allusions to nature reflect through a color palette featuring soothing blues and greens.

Symbol of 24/7 living city, bright lights inspire a dynamic and playful Winter collection. Digital tints, pixel patterns and metallic silver tones turn into high-shine pieces that promise to up the ante. Synonymous with entertainment, urban gaming and virtual communication are given a fashionable take through neon colors and emoji inspired pieces, as epitomized with the new version of coveted Slake bracelet.

The Holiday Collection transports women to an enchanting Crystal Wonderland with brilliant jewelry that dials up the glamour, with an elegant focus on gold, emerald and silver tones. Night is evoked through radiant dark shades while festive fireworks lead to star shapes, geometric illuminations and ultimate sparkle that exude Swarovski’s DNA.

Swarovski’s effortless style also takes an innovative new turn. The game-changing Swarovski Remix Collection redefines the new jewel rules and empowers women to express every facet of their style and personality, as Colin explains: “I have always been a strong activist of personal styles so the new concept is one of my favorites with its endless mix of possibilities; accessories are great ways to customize one’s look helping women to be noticed for their outstanding style.”

One collection for many occasions, the Swarovski Remix Collection’s invisible magnetic closures offer seemingly endless combinations and exciting new ways to wear the Swarovski jewelry strands – be it as necklaces, this season’s must-have chokers, bracelets or anklets. Women can simply transform their style and attitude for every style and occasion, starting the day as sleek and then enhance the glam for evening cocktails.

Swarovski’s Urban Fantasy Collection takes the multifaceted woman on new adventures for the season ahead – beyond the holiday parties, into the office and the everyday, inviting them to explore every facet of their style in the most brilliant of ways.